One Thousand People to give $300

Friends...  it is on my heart to reach out to you to share our dream.  Six years ago, God sent my wife and I on a journey to a beautiful city called Ocala, Florida. This city is the place that the Lord revealed to me where he would use us to impact a community. This is why we planted Kingdom Revival Church.  God has blessed us with an opportunity to fulfill our dream of ownership. 

Total ownership of this facility would mean more opportunity for us to impact our community in a major way. We currently have partnerships with several organizations that provide help for local county citizens. We provide help with food, clothes, and shelter; We provide counseling services for mental illness and substance abuse; Support group for addicts in recovery; Free dental, medical, and optical services; and much, much more. 

If God has placed a dream in your heart, a family member to be saved, a business to start, a healing that you are believing God for, a marriage that is in need of restoration or, whatever the dream, I want to invite you to sow towards our Project300.

Project300 is a building fund project, but it is not just about the facility.  This project is about ³building people². As a Pastor, my #1 goal and passion is to reach people who are far from God and bring them to Jesus, our Lord.  At this point of time, the world has grown to be less and less loving and thousands have been led of God to our ministry for relief. We now have a need to house these people and provide facilities that are appropriate to continue to see marriages restored, addictions broken, and to share the message of hope and love. We are called to plant, build and restore people with hope, love, and peace.

We need your help!  It takes teamwork to make the dream work and I sincerely believe that when you sow towards making other people¹s dreams come to pass, God will get involved to see your dreams come to pass.

Take advantage of the giving opportunities...

We need One Thousand People to give $300

Thank you for your Gift... it's appreciated... We love you all!!!

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