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MATTHEW 11:12 KJV​ | And from the days of John... - That is, from the days when John began to preach. It is not known how long this was, but it was not probably more than a year. Our Saviour here simply states a fact. He says there was a great rush or a crowd pressing to hear John. Multitudes went out to hear him, as if they were about to take the kingdom of heaven by force. It has continued. Since "the kingdom of heaven," or "the gospel," has been preached, there has been a "rush" to it. People have been "earnest" about it; they have come "pressing" to obtain the blessing, as if they would take it by violence. People had pressed around Jesus and John since they began to preach. There is no allusion here to the manner in which individual sinners seek salvation, but it is a simple record of the fact that multitudes had thronged around him and John to hear the gospel.


The name Kingdom Revival has been given through revelation from the Gospel of Matthew 11:12. Kingdom Revival Church of Ocala (KRC) will not serve anything brand new, but continuing with tenacious efforts of preaching the Gospel since days of John the Baptist. KRC of Ocala will intentionally propel men and women to earnestly rush to their God-given purpose by pressing forward towards the Kingdom of God with intent to create Revival. KRC of Ocala will be a family focused, diverse body of believers. It is our desire that every believer be in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through obedience of God's Word, yielding to the Holy Spirit and by being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

At Kingdom Revival Church, you will experience a diverse, Christ-centered, family environment; authentic praise and worship; fresh, relevant teaching from the Word of God; and an exceptional wealth of love and encouragement from people who genuinely love. Our love can be felt with every hug, every hand you shake and every smile you see.

KRC is not a building or a service but purposed to be a community. A community measured and shaped by authenticity - a place where people are free to take their masks off and be themselves, a place where the lines of communication are always open, a place where the free exchange of ideas is encouraged.

Community like this takes determined humility and confession, listening more than talking, and mirroring the ring of selfless love that exists between the Father, his Son, and the Holy Spirit. If ever really found, authentic community would be worth guarding, it would be worth fighting for, and Jesus certainly felt that it was worth dying for.



Attire or Dress Kingdom Revival Church Ocala Florida Christian Church Loving Christ centered multicultural church

Attire / Dress 

Attire at KRC is informal and comfortable. Our focus is to position ourselves for an authentic encounter with God during every worship experience, and we encourage our guests to assist us in preventing any distractions from that focus.

Children Kingdom Revival Church Ocala Florida Christian Church Loving Christ centered multicultural church

Children's Church

KRC Children's Church is an exciting experience for kids to learn about God in safe, fun environment  Kids from ages birth through 12 years of age are welcomed.

Music Kingdom Revival Church Ocala Florida Christian Church Loving Christ centered multicultural church
Our expression of praise and worship is a culturally diverse, upbeat, passionate, exuberant, and unrestricted. We tend to worship and sing a little longer than most churches because we choose to wait on God until He comes. God is deserving and worthy of our authentic surrender, and we desire to corporately experience that together in a deep way.
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